Image of the Day: Why Did the Chicken Go Into the Bookstore?

Kona Stories bookstore, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, had an unexpected visitor recently. Co-owner Joy Vogelgesang told us: "Feral chickens are common here, but we don't often see them in the courtyard of our shopping center. We certainly have never had one come into the store! Our cats, Loki, Chole, and Kinsey were curious, if a bit intimidated. The chicken was very brave; she went in and out of our store four times. She checked out the books but was actually looking for a place to nest. She ignored the staring of the cats and various customers and eventually settled under our counter behind the routers and modems.... You can't make this stuff up." Holding the egg in the photo is co-owner Brenda McConnell.

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