'Turtles in Progress' at BAM in Bangor, Maine

The Books-A-Million store in Bangor, Maine, recently acquired some unexpected neighbors: "Next time you visit us, please be mindful of our new friends growing here!" the store posted on Facebook. "This momma laid her eggs right outside our front doors! We're doing our best to keep them safe and healthy! Stay tuned for the progress of our new buddies!" The area was cordoned off with caution tape and a warning sign ("Turtles in Progress! Please Do Not Disturb."). 

She's here for a while. The turtle eggs may take six to 12 weeks to hatch. Staff member Alexis Wagner told WABI: "People are pretty excited, I know all my coworkers are excited about it, we're excited for them to hatch and we get to see them, and hopefully we're going to help them make their way back towards the pond back there so they don't go out towards the road."

BAM is ready, noting: "We're pretty pumped to help keep these babies safe!"

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