IndieBound: Other Indie Favorites

From last week's Indie bestseller lists, available at, here are the recommended titles, which are also Indie Next Great Reads:

Dare to Know by James Kennedy (Quirk Books, $22.99, 9781683692607). "A company can tell you with 100% accuracy when you are going to die. But what happens when you live beyond your expiration date? As you read Dare to Know, your sense of reality will melt away." --Bob Lingle, Off the Beaten Path Bookstore, Lakewood, N.Y.

The Archer by Shruti Swamy (Algonquin, $26.95, 9781616209902). "The Archer is the story of a young Indian woman who longs to be a classical dancer--to feel that rhythm, to have that as her life focus--yet is continually buffeted by her choices and those made for her." --Becky Milner, Vintage Books, Vancouver, Wash.

A Lot Like Adiós by Alexis Daria (Avon, $15.99, 9780062959966). "A Lot Like Adiós is a heartfelt exploration of first love and mature love, proof positive that, with an open heart and some hard emotional work, you can absolutely go home again." --Leah Grover, Bards Alley, Vienna, Va.

For Ages 3 to 6
It’s OK, Slow Lizard by Yeorim Yoon, illus. by Jian Kim, trans. by Chi-Young Kim (Yonder, $18.95, 9781632062772). "Delightful, whimsical, and sweet, Slow Lizard is a calm and observant little creature, and he’s great at helping his friends calm down and feel better. I would love to see more of Slow Lizard and his friends." --Andrew King, Secret Garden Bookshop, Seattle, Wash.

For Ages 9 to 12: An Indies Introduce Title
Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna by Alda P. Dobbs (Sourcebooks, $17.99, 9781728234656). "Readers will be drawn into the Mexican Revolution as they follow Petra and her family through a world of Federales and revolucionarias. An engaging, action-packed, and mighty fine story!" --Kim Brock, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, Ohio

For Teen Readers
Call Me Athena: Girl from Detroit by Colby Cedar Smith (Andrews McMeel, $21.99, 9781524865603). "This story of an immigrant girl growing up in Detroit in the 1930s hits every mark. Woven into the story are her parents' histories and all the love and loss the family has faced. It will tug your heartstrings." --Izzy Stringham, Bookbinders Basalt, Basalt, Colo.

[Many thanks to IndieBound and the ABA!]

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