Downtown Books Opens in Dothan, Ala.

Downtown Books launched this week with a soft opening at 150 N. Foster St. in Dothan, Ala. WTVY reported that the "newest local business is an independent bookstore with a specifically curated collection. Due to supply chain issues some things aren’t finished yet, the shop is waiting on a name sign for outside along with some other smaller things." The bookstore's soft opening for the holiday season will be followed by a grand opening celebration after the new year.

Owner Stacy Fountain said a lot fell into place over the past nine months to make the bookstore possible: "It’s more than just about selling a book, it’s about creating an experience and environment where people can come connect and have conversations about ideas and so when you create that kind of environment which is really what we want to do its more than just a place to buy a book." 

Introducing herself in an Instagram post earlier this fall, Fountain had note that she "is excited to be bringing an independent, local bookstore to the Dothan area. She grew up in Dothan and moved back here 17 years ago. She loves buying, reading, and collecting books of all genres, but has a special passion for children’s literature and encouraging families to create their own, unique family culture through reading books together. (More on that in future posts.) Her hope for Downtown Books is to create a place for community and conversation that inspires people of all ages to love reading and to find their stories."

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