Movies: Catherine, Called Birdy

The first footage has been released for Catherine, Called Birdy, Lena Dunham's adaptation of Karen Cushman's 1996 medieval coming-of-age book. IndieWire reported that the project "has been in the works for 13 years--almost the exact age as the historical YA novel's heroine." Dunham writes, directs and executive produces film, which she has described as the "most ambitious project" of her career.  

Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) stars "as the titular precocious Birdy, who is set to be married off for money so that her father (Andrew Scott) can save their English manor in the year 1290," IndieWire noted. The cast also includes Joe Alwyn, Ralph Ineson, Billie Piper and Isis Hainsworth. Catherine, Called Birdy premieres in theaters September 23 and on Prime Video October 7. 

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