'Seven Boozy Bookshops Across the Country'

"A comfortable chair. A glass of something satisfying at your side and a good book in your lap. It sounds like a perfect evening for many people who enjoy literary pursuits and libations," Wine Enthusiast magazine noted in featuring "Pints and Pages: Seven Boozy Bookshops Across the Country."

"Thankfully, there are a handful of bookstores around the country that offer a chance to browse and select books and will even pour you a drink in the process. These community and literary hubs have the bonus of beer, wine and spirits, with selections often as well-curated as what you’ll find on the bookshelves," Wine Enthusiast said. "Boozy bookshops have struck a chord with consumers. The combination of two quiet recreational activities is a welcome one, and shops offering this duo might be closer to home than you know."

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