Zibby Books Launches Zibby Mag

Zibby Books, founded by Zibby Owens and Leigh Newman last year as a part of Zibby Owens Media, has launched a literary lifestyle magazine called Zibby Mag, which aims to "highlight the old-school glamour of the publishing world and connect readers to authors in a star-studded way."

A weekly online publication that may have a printed version in the future, Zibby Mag includes many features about authors, new releases, book deals, TV/film adaptations, awards and will cover book-related events and have book excerpts, cover reveals, and book reviews. Zibby Mag will also include personal essays by authors and writers of all types that "will make readers think, feel, laugh/cry, and connect."

Zibby Mag will also promote online and in-person classes, an online writing community, Zibby's Viirtual Book Club, and in-person events/retreats.

To see the first issue of Zibby Mag, click here.

Zibby Books is publishing a dozen books a year and focusing on fiction and memoir from both debut and established authors, with a commitment to diverse literary voices. The first Zibby Books titles will be released in early 2023; Zibby Books will be distributed by Ingram's Two Rivers.

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