Brookline Booksmith Expands

Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, Mass., has expanded into an 800-square-foot adjacent space. 

Co-owner Lisa Gozashti told the Boston Globe that the new nook, which houses the store's art and design books, opened on September 16, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for October 14.

The art and design nook is connected to the bookstore's gift room, which was created in 2020 when Brookline Booksmith expanded into an adjacent 4,000-square-foot storefront. The successive expansions have allowed the store to carry "many more books than we've ever had since our founding."

Gozashti added: "It just feels like we're spreading our wings. We always wanted to have a huge wall full of design books because we didn't have the ability, and now that we do, I just feel overjoyed."

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