Image of the Day: Walk on the Wildlife Side at Warwick's

Warwick's, La Jolla, Calif., hosted Rolf Benirschke (second from right, front row), former San Diego Charger and founder of Kicks for Critters, as he discussed his book Saving Wildlife: The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Dr. Kurt Bernirschke. Dr. Kurt Benirschke ("Dr. B") was a trailblazing physician-scientist and wildlife conservationist. Rolf Benirschke is Dr. B's son, and describes his father's fascinating life and adventures.

In upcoming weeks, Warwick's will host events with the authors of three children's books (Koala Crossing and Sloth's Treehouse Inn by Carrie Hasler, and Raising Don: The True Story of a Spunky Baby Tapir by Georgeanne Irvine) also published by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. These events will be complemented by in-store appearances by Animal Ambassadors from the San Diego Zoo and/or Safari Park.
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