The King's English, Salt Lake City, Utah, Cancels Drag Queen Storytime After Bomb Threat

Calvin Crosby and Tara Lipsyncki at a previous event.

The King's English Bookshop in Salt Lake City, Utah, canceled a drag queen storytime yesterday morning due to a bomb threat on the bookstore's block. 

Store co-owner Calvin Crosby reported that all staff members, as well as drag queen Tara Lipsyncki, were safe. The bookstore remained closed for the rest of the day and staff were sent home with pay.

The event, which was scheduled to start at 11 a.m., would have benefited Brain Food Books, a nonprofit owned by the King's English, that distributes books to children and teens without access. After the cancellation, Crosby and Lipsyncki made matching donations to Brain Food Books.

While the storytime itself has not been rescheduled, the King's English is launching Lipsyncki's children's book Letter from the Queen, illustrated by Cherry Mock, on October 11. Crosby said the store will celebrate Lipsyncki's work and offer a storytime then.

Crosby noted that there were in fact two separate bomb threats made on Sunday, both of which targeted the bookstore. They were the first in the store's 46-year history.

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