Indie Booksellers' #AprilFoolsDay: 'Somebody Alert the Author-ities!'

As you know, we're big fans of April Fool's Day here at Shelf Awareness. Many indie booksellers and at least one regional joined the shenanigans yesterday on social media, including:

Belmont Books, Belmont, Mass.: "Notice: all books will now be wrapped on our shelves! (Just kidding! Happy April Fools' Day!)"

Búho bookstore, Brownsville, Tex.: "Plenty of complaints have also been made about another highly necessary feature that Downtown urgently needs, so we have SOLD our bookstore to solve the issue. Roam around in your car aimlessly no more! Instead of ignoring the La Plaza Parking Garage two blocks away from Market Square, we can all rejoice that we purchased Casa Anyer only ONE block away to turn it into... The Búho Garage! Levels upon levels of parking spots for your vehicle to safely wait for you while you shop, dine, and enjoy Downtown Brownsville (yes, we doubled its floors, too)!"

Strand Bookstore, New York, N.Y.: "You may have noticed we've put some scaffolding around the building. But fear not, it's for an exciting new invention we've been working on.... Our new Clearance Cart Replenishment Elevator System (patent pending)! With our patented new system, carts are whisked away autonomously, brought up to a higher level and replenished with new books from our inventory. We're excited to take our signature Strand clearance carts into the next generation and we hope to have it up and running by the 100th anniversary in 2027!"

Munro's Books, Victoria, B.C., Canada: "Introducing: VIBE-BASED BROWSING. The alphabet? Never heard of it. Fiction or nonfiction? How passé. You didn't come to the bookstore for a curated selection of titles thoughtfully categorized by author and genre; you came for that ineffable something or other, that je ne sais quoi, that VIBE. That's why we're proud to announce that Munro's has launched a new approach to browsing.... As booksellers, we embrace the inherent chaos of the universe and welcome it into our hearts and filing system." 

Buffalo Books & Coffee, Buffalo, Minn.: "We promise not to play any April Fools pranks on you. Messing with someone's coffee is just mean. The worst thing we might do is give you whipped cream if you say no. And honestly, that just seems like a gift. Stop in and see us!"

Owl's Nest Books, Calgary, Alb., Canada: "We are incredibly excited to unveil our revamped Mystery section this fine Monday morning! Time to solve some mysteries like never before, Nesters!"

Copper Dog Books, Beverly, Mass.: "Good news--after our wildly successful puppy popup event, we decided to give a rescue pup away with the purchase of a book! Moving forward, our name is now Copper Dog Dogs and Books! Looking for a book on how to take care of your new kitten? Your kitten gets a puppy friend--no take backsies! (No need to thank us--it's on the house.) Buying 18 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books? HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR 18 PUPPIES. Godspeed. Thanks for supporting us during this transition and we can't wait to help more dogs find their forever homes!"

Gramercy Books, Bexley, Ohio: "Somebody alert the author-ities! It appears all our lovely books were kidnapped last night by the literary fairies!"

From My Shelf Books & Gifts, Wellsboro, Pa.: "[A] huge, black panther was spotted in downtown Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Area residents are urged to be cautious. Pennsylvania Game Commission insists that no black panthers exist in Pennsylvania, but photos do not lie."

The Spaniel's Tale Bookstore, Ottawa, Ont., Canada: "We're joining the space race! Introducing the Spaniel's Tale Space Program--our plan to safely land a dog on Mars by 2035. Just kidding--we're booksellers, not billionaires with too much free time (and ego)."

4 Kids Books & Toys, Zionsville, Ind.: "Looks like Giraffe was playing April Fool's pranks this morning! First he tried to hide bubble wrap under the door mats. He tried to convince us he was drinking coffee (don't worry--it's a wristlet!). He turned all the Rubik's Cubes upside down. And we don't even want to know what he was planning with those HEXBUG Nano Real Bugs! What April Fool's shenanigans are happening at your house today?"

Huxley and Hiro, Wilmington, Del.: "Purr-a-Phrase, the Book to Cat Translator.... WORLD EXCLUSIVE PREMIER--AVAILABLE NOW!! LINK IN BIO!"

Napa Bookmine, Napa, Calif.: "Big news Bookminers! After closing down all of their physical bookstores in 2022, Amazon is ready to get back in the brick & mortar game... and they're starting with us as a test case!  We are THRILLED to announce that we are now Amazon Bookmine and look forward to working with our new robot overlords. Visit us at our Second Street location to help us celebrate this exciting new change!"

And the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association announced "a groundbreaking shift in its leadership structure, moving away from traditional human staff and board of directors to a revolutionary AI-driven management system. This move marks a significant advancement in leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance efficiency within the association." Executive director Larry-62978 said it was thrilled with the decision while new executive coordinator February-82539 concurred. The association will now be known as GLIBAI.

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