La Joie de Vivre Bookstore & Cafe Opens in Manhattan

La Joie de Vivre, a bookstore and café selling titles in French and English, has opened in Manhattan's NoMad neighborhood. Forbes reported that the shop, located at 145 W. 27th St., "offers a quick getaway to France. 50% of books sold in the store are in French, offering French language literature, art, cooking, graphic novels and children's books categories to New York's French speakers. Of course, plenty of English language books are sold as well, for Francophiles who haven't quite mastered their temps composés."

La Joie de Vivre opening party

Posters, games, stationery, accessories and merchandise are also available. An in-store cafe features beverages and French pastries sourced from local bakeries. An events calendar is in the works, along with regular photography and painting exhibitions on the shop's walls.

La Joie de Vivre is the passion project of Cyril Dewavrin, a bookstore owner for more than 20 years, and owner of Librairie La Comédie Humaine in the South of France.

"La Joie de Vivre is first and foremost a place of rendez-vous for all to celebrate all kind of arts, literature and reading," said Dewavrin. "By combining books, bakery and art exhibitions in a friendly Paris-inspired atmosphere, we are offering busy New Yorkers an opportunity to put down their phones, stimulate the senses, read and relax."

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