'Indie Bookstores Are Vital Community Centers'

"I'd hoped that publishing a book would help me build relationships in publishing. What I didn't anticipate is the way it would connect me to booksellers! These are my people! It's been such a joy to share my work with them. A long time ago I worked at a bookstore--Shakespeare & Co. on the Upper East Side of Manhattan--because I wanted to spend my days with people who loved books. I remember when authors would come in to sign copies. I thought their lives were so glamorous, and I dreamed of being able to do that someday.

"Honestly, being an Indies Introduce and an Indie Next author means the world to me. Indie bookstores are vital community centers, and if indie booksellers are passionate about this book, that's more success than I hoped for. I've teared up after hearing from booksellers who were early readers of Women! In! Peril!, and I'm so happy to think they're spreading the word and putting this book in the hands of readers who might like it."

--Jessie Ren Marshall, whose book Women! In! Peril! is a Winter/Spring Indies Introduce adult selection and April Indie Next List pick, in a q&a with Bookselling This Week
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