Violet Volumes Bookstore Coming to Victor, Idaho

This summer, married couple Whitney Jensen and Skye Gunter will open Violet Volumes Bookstore in Victor, Idaho, Buckrail reported.

Violet Volumes Bookstore will carry predominantly new books with a small selection of used titles. The general-interest inventory will feature diverse authors and include books for all ages, with one of the shop's two rooms being devoted to children's books. They plan to host weekly storytime sessions and book clubs for both children and teens, and they've launched a GoFundMe campaign specifically for the children's room.

Jensen told Buckrail that they plan to "encourage reading among youth in the community and offer space for them to be excited about books. We plan to be a gathering space for the community where everyone feels welcome."

Their plans for adult events, meanwhile, include book clubs, sewing circles, and open mics. Jensen noted that she has reached out to local makers and artisans about selling their work in-store.

Formerly a teacher, Jensen decided to open a bookstore after suffering a brain injury that made being in a classroom all day unfeasible. At the same time, Idaho's Teton Valley region has been without a bookstore for years, and the couple are stepping in to fill a community need. For inspiration, Gunter and Jensen are drawing from stores like Jackson Hole Book Trader in Jackson, Wyo., and the Strand in New York City.

So far, the community has responded very well to their plans, with Jensen saying they've been "overwhelmed by the positive response."

Their lease begins this month, and they plan to be open for business in June.

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