Michelle Obama's Stealth Visit to the King’s English

While she was in Salt Lake City, Utah, for an event last week, former First Lady Michelle Obama shared on Instagram: "I'm going to go check out some books, leave some secret signings, and hopefully no one recognizes me, because I have my trusty dusty disguise.... So, let's see how this goes." Clad in a black jacket and leggings, with sunglasses and a baseball cap, Obama strolled into the King's English Bookshop, where she signed copies of the paperback edition of her book The Light We Carry.

According to the Deseret News, "The bookstore's co-owner, Anne Holman, was the only one who knew of the first lady's plans ahead of time.... During her 15-ish minute visit, Obama checked out [silk] robes, signed some copies of her latest book, said hello to some customers, who were fans, got recommendations from one of the booksellers and browsed through the fiction section before making a handful of purchases."

"Got some great reading for my upcoming trips, a beautiful robe. Consider that a very successful adventure," Obama said. "See you next time."


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