Author Launches Fundraiser for Oakland's A Great Good Place for Books

Bestselling author Gayle Forman (If I Stay) has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help her friend Kathleen Caldwell, owner of A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland, Calif., who is battling health issues and "a downturn in business in a post-pandemic economic landscape," KTVU reported. Thus far, the campaign has raised more than $27,000 toward its goal of $35,000. 

Kathleen Caldwell

"Two years ago, Kathleen fell ill with a serious case of sepsis, and while being treated, doctors discovered she had cancer. She had four surgeries in one year, followed by a year of treatment and recovery," Forman shared on GoFundMe, noting that her friend "has been cancer-free for one year and is slowly regaining her strength. The bad news is: the treatment, coming on the heels of the pandemic, and a very slow spring, has left Kathleen depleted and the store on shaky ground."

Forman added that Caldwell has now turned to her friends and community for help, though reluctantly for fear of being a burden: "But if you are anything like me, you are happy to champion her right back again and make sure her wonderful little store continues to be a beacon for readers and writers."

In a GoFundMe update on Monday, Forman wrote: "Okay, friends of Kathleen: Your generosity is blowing me (and Kathleen) away. Five days into this fundraiser and we are more than halfway there. And without putting anything on social media (or not much of anything). Please continue to reach out to people who may know Kathleen. Sometimes a second nudge is needed. It turns out, she has a lot of fans out there. Not surprising."

Caldwell added: "Please thank everyone for amazing support and generosity. Love you!"

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