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by Albert Woodfox

Activist Albert Woodfox does not profess to be a saint in his memoir Solitary. He's painfully honest with his audience, detailing the path that led him to a 50-year prison sentence in Angola in the 1970s. Woodfox also unlocks the bars and ushers his readers into conditions most would consider beyond their darkest nightmares: "Coming out of slavery and convict leasing, it was as if the cruelty of Angola's history leaked into our present world. Angola was run like an antebellum slave plantation."

Despite the

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A Desert Harvest

by Bruce Berger

Bruce Berger (Facing the Music) grew up in suburban Chicago, but the desert of the American Southwest is the place he calls home. In his gorgeous essay collection, A Desert Harvest, Berger paints a portrait of a place that's much stranger and more beautiful than most popular presentations would suggest. "Despite cartoons," he writes in "The Mysterious Brotherhood," the desert isn't riddled with "melodramatic bones." Instead it offers "quieter revelations of the vegetable world." He goes on to describe the

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Dreaming in Code: Ada Byron Lovelace, Computer Pioneer

by Emily Arnold McCully

Two centuries before computers became ubiquitous, a brilliant young British woman named Ada Lovelace imagined an "engine" that could process information much like today's computers do. The life of this forward-thinking scientist is brought to light for young readers in Emily Arnold McCully's fascinating biography Dreaming in Code.

Dreaming in Code progresses chronologically from Lovelace's birth in late 1815 (to a domineering mother and poet Lord Byron, the "titled, handsome, reckless, and irresistible" father

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Shelf Discovery

Me for You

by Lolly Winston

A widower is overcome with grief, and even befriending a charming co-worker doesn't forestall his eventual diagnosis of depression and his struggle for happiness.

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Call Me Evie

by J.P. Pomare

A teenage girl suffering from memory loss struggles to remember the tragic event that led to her being taken out of the country and locked in a house.

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Media Heat

Thursday, March 14, 2019

KCRW's Bookworm: Marlon James, author of Black Leopard, Red Wolf (Riverhead, $30, 9780735220171).
Daily Show: Jacob Tobia, author of Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story (Putnam, $26, 9780735218826).

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

NPR's 1A: Adam Rutherford, author of Humanimal: How Homo Sapiens Became Nature's Most Paradoxical Creature: A New Evolutionary History (The Experiment, $25.95, 9781615195312).
Daily Show: Karamo Brown, author of Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope (Gallery, $27, 9781982111977).

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fresh Air: David E. McCraw, author of Truth in Our Times: Inside the Fight for Press Freedom in the Age of Alternative Facts (All Points Books, $28.99, 9781250184429).

Monday, March 11, 2019

Fresh Air: Barbara Brown Taylor, author of Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others (HarperOne, $25.99, 9780062406569).

Daily Show: Rutger Bregman, author of Utopia for Realists: How We Can Build the Ideal World (Back Bay, $16.99, 9780316471916).

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Fresh Air: Alex Kotlowitz, author of An American Summer: Love and Death in Chicago (Nan A. Talese, $27.95, 9780385538800).

Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Amber Tamblyn, author of Era of Ignition: Coming of Age in a Time of Rage and Revolution (Crown Archetype, $25, 9781984822987).
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