In This Issue

In this week's issue, we review Less Is Lost, the sequel to the Pulitzer Prize-winning Less by Andrew Sean Greer, and compare it with Nabakov's Lolita, "in that both are portraits of America from characters who consider themselves outsiders"; in Bliss Montage, eight stories by Ling Ma are "gems gathered together" in an array that begins with a story about Adam and concludes with one about Eve; and in I'm the Girl--part murder mystery, part thriller, part queer romance--Courtney Summers presents "a brutal, raw account of truths behind power and privilege"; plus so much more!

David Rhodes speaks of his return to the Driftless area of Wisconsin for his sixth novel, Painting Beyond Walls (reviewed in this issue), in The Writer's Life: the encroachment of the wealthy into more modest rural areas, and the biases--on both sides--as he also explores intimate relationships.

--Jennifer M. Brown, senior editor, Shelf Awareness
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