In This Issue

Among this week's array of recommended reading, we cover Island Rule, a collection of 12 interconnected stories by Katie M. Flynn, which might just convince you that "monsters are everywhere" while telling "a grander story of humanity"; and Women of Good Fortune by Sophie Wan, "an elaborate heist novel featuring a reluctant bride turned reluctant thief as she plans to rob her own wedding." Plus, the poems in Isabelle Simler's children's book Home "combine imagery and habitat facts in a clever, often playful voice that encourages readers to see the wonder and fun of the natural world."

In The Writer's Life, Katya Apekina, author of Mother Doll, discusses how she wrote a ghost story where the "haunting and scary stuff that happens... is more about abandonment and generational trauma. And it's also probably more funny than scary in some ways." 

--Dave Wheeler, senior editor, Shelf Awareness
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