Swan Song

With high drama and a boatload of mystery, Elin Hilderbrand (The Five-Star Weekend; Golden Girl; The Perfect Couple) reels in the stunning final installment in her beloved Nantucket-set series. Readers will savor Swan Song's nostalgia as it brings back characters from earlier novels and adds a host of dynamic new ones.

Enigmatic, middle-aged Nantucket newcomers Bull and Leslee Richardson--a "hot commodity" power couple--purchase a lavish, $22-million oceanfront property and enlist Colleen "Coco" Coyle, an aspiring screenwriter in need of a big break, to serve as their "personal concierge" and assist in their quest to integrate into the island's society culture. Coco is befriended by Kacy Kapenash, a dedicated nurse from California who broke up with her girlfriend and returned home to visit her father, Police Chief Ed Kapenash, who has recently had a heart attack and is now facing retirement.

Then, the Richardson mansion mysteriously burns down and Coco goes missing on the same day. The police investigation and the town's rumor mill uncover the Richardsons' true identities and modus operandi. In doing so, salacious details regarding those in their orbit also come to light. This includes socially connected friends, a real estate agent, a landscape architect, a boat captain, a masseuse, and others.

Romance and island glitz infuse Hilderbrand's spellbinding 30th novel, which packs a juicy, suspenseful wallop that will satisfy devoted readers of her previous books and rare latecomers to the captivating Hilderbrand oeuvre. --Kathleen Gerard, blogger at Reading Between the Lines

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